Friday, December 16, 2011

M to come home

Well the doctor told Marilyn that she could come home today, hooray. All systems seems to be functioning as expected with the added benefit that she got her dreaded neck brace off. Double hooray, one for her, one for me cause that means she can drive now, triple hooray. All for now, and hopefully the end of the blog.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Morning 12/15 Report

M's doing good this morning, she had a restful night, and the attending Dr said she might come home today. Her kidney numbers looked much better, but both of us think another day of hydration and the new antibiotic would be helpful. Not sure what that matters.

More good news, she had a neck xray yesterday and if the surgeon likes it, she can get that #$%&*%$ neck brace off. We won't believe that until we hear/see it but it's hopeful.

Okay all for now, things are looking better, now if we can just keep them that way.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marilyn, noon Wed Status

Just had a visit from the hospital attending Dr S and a consultation kidney specialist. Comsensus coming that she had a bad allergic reaction to the vancomyacin that not only resulted in a bad rash, but also resulted in a kidney reaction as well. The effect on the kidneys seemed to cause the dehydration, blood pressure fluxuations and temp swings. Right now she is on an antibio that she seems to tolerate, and we need to wait until her kidneys stabilize. More to come.